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SKIRT - Pearl the spider Novelty Print Gathered skirt with Rhinestone Details


Beware of Pearl the black widow! This NEW spooky design features the coveted spider web design based on the vintage skirt that everyone has been drooling over! This classic design with a spider spinning her web of pearls and rhinestones and a coffin on her back. Pearl is even spinning her pearls across the waistband for an added touch! Each skirt features rhinestone and pearl details for a beautiful added touch of glamour.

Rhinestone and pearl details are hand applied by Josie Bunny, who specializes in rhinestone work in the burlesque community in San Diego. This skirt is very delicate and can only be hand washed and hung to dry. You can lightly steam it being very careful on the rhinestones and pearls.

Each skirt is printed on medium weight 100% Polyester fabric. Bringing the bright colors to life, each skirt uses over 4 yards of fabric to create the classic, full look of a 50's circle skirt.

Designed with a side zipper and button detail, each skirt’s waistband features an extra 1” so the button can be moved to create an entirely custom fit. That’s right, you can tailor this skirt to fit your shape exactly!

Featuring a total length of 26” the skirt can comfortably accommodate a petticoat, as it is shown here, for a fuller look. The skirt also features a hidden right side pocket perfect for your smartphone or lipstick and compact.

100% Polyester. skirts do not stretch. If you are unsure please size up.

All art is created and owned by Denialle Von Fitch 2017©. All Rights Reserved

S 26-27″ 26″
M 29-30″ 26″
L 31-32″ 26″
XL 33-34″ 26″
2X 37-38″ 26″
3X 40-41″ 26″