Atomic Retro

GUYS TIE - The Weapons KUSTOM Kreeps

Whether or not you believe that "the clothes really do make the man", our Kustom Kreeps ties will surely make a statement none the less! This subtly grim “The Weapons” Tie with a selection of wartime weapons print will have you looking for any excuse to suit up.


Made by Kustom Kreeps, a subsidiary of Sourpuss Clothing

Measures: 58.5" in length  x  2.625" in width

100% Polyester

Tie care:
  - Spot clean only.
  - Do not leave the tie knotted, as it will permanently crease the fabric. 
  - To remove wrinkles, hang the tie overnight or roll up the tie (small end first) and let it sit for a day. In a pinch, you may steam the tie, but do not iron it.