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GARDEN ORNAMENTS - Realmingos - Gint Pink Flamingos

Don Featherstone standing or feeding garden flamingos!

The Don Featherstone pink flamingos were first released in 1957.They quickly became loved worldwide and became America's most famous lawn ornament.In the 1980s, Union Products added Don Featherstone's signature to the flamingos to separate the originals from the copies.In 1987, the snomingos (white flamingos) and the bluemingos (blue flamingos) were released to commemorate the 30 year anniversary of the pink flamingos.The Realmingos (giant flamingos) were released in 1998, and just last year the zombie flamingos were released.Today, the flamingos are still made in their original moulds and are created to last outside. Nothing beats the original!! 
Measures (Standing Flamingo) 145cm high
Measures (Feeding Flamingo) 109cm high